AdminTuning is a company that focuses on the sales of existing high performance parts for street and race applications as well as custom product development and tuning services.

My name is Moncef Faik and I am the owner of AdminTuning. I have been in business since 2014 and have been doin EFI tuning since 2009. Starting with piggyback systems on vehicles that have limited aftermarket support, I have built a fundamental understanding on the key tuning principles that are applied regardless of car and ECU. I have extensive experience with most tuning systems and optimizing them regardless of vehicle platform or engine configuration. I also have extensive experience in building powerful combinations of parts for Nissan vehicles, to ensure your engine is being taken to its maximum potential.

Supported Platforms:

Nissan 370Z/G37, VQ37VHR using UpRev and ECUTEK
Nissan 350Z/G35, VQ35DE and VQ35HR using UpRev
Nissan GTR R35, VR38DETT using ECUTEK
Infiniti Q50/Q60, VR30DDTT using ECUTEK
Honda K series using Hondata FlashPro

I also provide tuning using most standalone ECUs.
Thank you for checking out my website. Don't hesitate to reach me at:
Instagram @admintuning